Just like you, there is only one Poopshkin in the world. He’s a curious playful little boy with a kind sweet heart and rose colored nose that is sniffing for adventures.

When Poopshkin was born, he loved his mama dearly and followed her everywhere. On a very-very hot day, a bad person stole him from his mama and threw him into a Fig bush far-far away.

The sharp branches scraped his throat and pierced his right eye. Hours of excruciating heat and pain overwhelmed baby Poopshkin as he faded in and out of consciousness.

With a small last gasp Poopshkin let out a farewell goodbye to his mama. As his eyes closed, a gentle hand from high above lifted him up and dabbed water on his dry mouth. A Firefighter worked feverishly to save him.

Poopshkin was alive, smaller, weaker, and could no longer talk because the sharp dry branches had ripped his vocal chords. His poor right eye was scraped and blinded into a mud brown mess.

A couple weeks had passed and Poopshkin missed his mama so much. The Firefighter doted on him and promised him. “After bad comes good.” So Poopshkin found the strength to lift himself up and play with a string and that’s when it happened!!!

Walking by the Santa Monica Fire Station, a family noticed Poopshkin’s unhealthy yet exuberant playfulness. They asked the Firefighter about him and she relayed the story I have just told you. They thought to themselves, if that little boy can find happiness in life then he is very special. They took him home and nursed his eye, and most importantly, loved him unconditionally.

Poopshkin dreams to be a hero and rescue others, like the Santa Monica Firefighter who saved him. His mission makes him smarter, stronger, kinder, and one step closer to his achieving his dream.


Poopshkin discovers that not every mission is followed by fame and recognition.

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Poopshkin’s Team


Born in Russia, Iraida Henderson has devoted her life to working with preschool children. After moving to California, she decided to take her passion a step further by fulfilling her lifelong dream of writing children's stories. “Poopshkin Saves the Baby Birds” is Iraida's first published work.

“I appreciate the opportunity to introduce kids to our beloved Poopshkin. Through Poopshkin's stories, I want to expose children to various facets of the world, and give them a kind and respectful frame of reference with regard to everything that surrounds them.”


Elena Siderova is a versatile illustrator who fell in love with Poopshkin the moment she saw his photo. She has completely devoted her days to presenting Poopshkin at his best to little readers. Now that all of you love Poopshkin as much as she does, Elena will be busy thinking up more Poopshkin ideas with a pen behind her ear.


“My heart is broken, streaming tears. My back to the past, I embrace kindness. The seeds of new friendship are safely sown, Growing and gaining strength from sadness.” (Written by Rob Nokes)